Hello everyone!

So…the weeks have been a bit more busy than expected…and I haven’t transcribed my interview for today quite yet. BUT it is an awesome interview and y’all will love it…once I post it. Which will be soon. I promise.

Also, I have decided to post every OTHER Monday (…or slightly later…), as work has picked up quite a bit. That said, occasionally I might be able to get a bunch of interviews done, and will post as I am able. Every interview opens my eyes a little more to the vastness of the spectrum of beliefs, and yet, in the end, I find more similarities than differences. I deeply believe in the power of open discussion, and I hope that my interviews help to show how beneficial it can be.

Finally, I have added a widget so that you can subscribe via email, which will be at the bottom of each post. Some of you have already noticed, and thank you for subscribing! A friend pointed out it would be a useful option for those who want to be updated when I post something new (and since my record of posting on time has been spotty, might be easier than checking back on Mondays).

Thanks for reading and for all of your support, y’all rock.

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